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Our Packages

Our proxies are ran through multiple quality assurance tests. Ranging from automation, scrapping, client management all the up to anonomous security solutions.

Wether your a top tier marketer, sneaker enthesiast or security specialist;
you'll find a product thats right for you.
10 Supreme IPV4/IPV6
starting at $10/ mo
Elite & Dedicated
100% Hand tested for quality
Ultra high trust-scores
IP header detection
Custom Rotation
Run Multiple Accounts
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Unlimited 4G Moblie
starting at $ 175/ mo
USA Tier 1 Data Plans
No Throttles
Unlimited Data
High Trust scores
Custom Rotation
Run Multiple Accounts
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Custom Supreme IPV4/IPV6
starting at $30/ mo
All the stuff over there plus...
Location-Based Made To Order
Extreme Trust Score & Speed
Client Management
100% Trusted Sneaker Accusation
24/7 Customer Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can SUPREME PROXIES benefit my business?

By using SUPREME PROXIES you can perform tens of thousands of actions knowing your proxy is of the highest quality. This allows consistent growth in the millions. Gain and keep more clients so you can automate your business into the billion. Now scrapping with hundreds of threads. No more scouring the internet for proxies.

What type of proxies are these?

We offer 3 types: USA Mobile 4G Unlimited w/ Rotation, Custom IPV4 and IPV6 elite location-based proxies.

What are Custom Elite Location-Based Proxies?

Glad you asked, as this is our secret sauce. Not only do you get our Tier 1 quality proxies (hand vetted and rigorously trust-score tested) but they will be custom created as close to your city as possible. The benefits include: Speed, trust, reliability, longevity and peace of mind. We manually contact ip brokers and server distributors in your area, then create your proxies from scratch as detailed in the two following FAQs.

How do I know the proxies haven’t been previously spammed?

All Raw USA 4G Proxies are made just weeks to order using the Top 3 Carriers. As for our custom IPV4/IPV6, each customer gets a questionnaire prior to order, so your proxies will practically be in your backyard. Each server distributor is hand vetted as described below. Each proxy will be cycled through on a regular basis.

How do I know my proxies AKA (subnets) are safe for the long term?

As you may know IPV4/IPV6 are hard to test quality because if 1 proxy on that subnet gets blacklisted it can ruin the whole lot. We take this very seriously and our server distributors are hand vetted through many emails, phone calls and lengthy questions. Once selected we run a scrapping trial on the subnet with 3 platforms including IG. We then test the automation quality using 3 more platforms including IG. We then perform organic growth tests for 1 week to judge trust scores. If the subnet passes (with flying colors) the customer gets his/her custom order (private server).

What does the $30 dollars for Custom Proxies go towards?

Back to you of course! The $30 dollars allows some skin in the game while we hand select your proxies but is also credited towards your account if you decide to purchase. Once we source a quality vendor near you, we will send you the monthly cost (between $1-4.50 per proxy) structure with a bill to the delivery email which will include your $30 dollar credit.

Do I have to pay before you start a custom proxy order?

Yes $30 upfront Payment. For builk orders the upfront credit will be more.

What is your turn-around time for custom IPV4/IPV6 proxies?

The turn-around time for one of our listed locations is 24-72 hours from purchase. If your location is not listed below the turn-around time from purchase to delivery is between 1-2 weeks. This is due to sourcing & vetting a quality server distributor in your area.  We understand our T/A requires some patience but we promise the quality will be worth the wait.

What is your turn-around time for Mobile Proxies?

If in stock, 4G proxies are delivered in under 24hrs. If they are no longer in stock we are upgrading our server rooms or are waiting for a purchase order of hardware. If you would like to take a pre-order contact us and we will work something out.

What locations do you provide?

We are always searching for new server providers to add to our list.
Our current list of (24-72hr. T/A) providers are listed below:

Los Angeles | Seattle | Oregon | New York | Denver | Miami | Chicago | Texas | Georgia | Amsterdam | Paris | London | Vienna | Romania | Russia | Frankfurt | Madrid | Netherlands

If your location is not listed please purchase a custom package.

Do the 4G proxies rotate?

Yes! The default is 10min. For all private 4G packagesyou will be able to select your desired rotation rate at purchase.

Can I use these proxies for IG, if so how many accounts can I run?

We recommend 5-10 on 4G unless you have your sleep timers adjusted to run more, in which case the sky's the limit.

As for Ipv4 we recommend using only 1 account per proxy. 

We highly recommend you use Ipv6 proxies for your scrappers to save resources, time and money.

Can I use your IPV4 proxies for IG account management?

Yes you can! With Supreme IPV4 you will be able to post, F/U, like, comment ect.This has been tested in Jarvee with minimum Action blocks as of July 2020.

What else can I use these proxies for?

We thought you’d never ask! These proxies can be used for Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, CPA, Email, Scrapping, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Tiktok (when an automation software is officially released) and many more!

What is your refund policy?

We offer 100% refund within a 48hr. window of purchase for all listed locations and 4g proxies. If you ordered a custom location package, we will refund you prior to delivery of proxy credentials.

What if I want to cancel my custom proxy order?

If for some reason our service does not meet your standards the cancelation process is as follows: Custom packages will be credited the $30 dollar fee prior to delivery of proxy credentials. Once you receive your order, we can not credit the $30 dollar fee. As for all proxy subscriptions you will be able to cancel at any time through your paypal subscription.

What can I NOT use these proxies for?

We have a zero tolerance for email spamming, spamming in general, hateful activities, bullying, adult content of any kind or any illegal activities known to the country of the United States. 

*If for some reason we ping your proxy performing such activities your proxies will be provoked and you will have a 1 month blacklist from our service. If you are caught again after the 1 month blacklist your IP and device will be banned for life. We take this very seriously.*